Workplace Protection: Human Temperature Scanner

HT thermal imaging is ideal for, but not limited to hospitals and other medical facilities. Used today for corporate campuses, airports, retail stores, train stations, event centers, grocery chains, schools, universities and restaurants.

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See the Benefits in Real-time

High Accuracy

+ 0.3º C with black body

High Efficiency

  • Non-contact temperature detection
  • Long distance, wide coverage

Low Cost

  • Automatic early warning mechanism

Strong Adaptability

  • Applied to small and large scenes

Dating Back

  • Realize the historical data backtracking and data analysis
Latest News
See Sentry Live HT's newest installation at Hennessy Public School in Texas

Multiple Applications






Sentry Live HT – Complete Thermal Scanning Solution

Body Temperature Thermal Dual-lens


2U 8HDD Intelligent Video Surveillance Server




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